• Rachel S encouraged Rachael T to ride a bike!
  • Cycling is a quick, healthy and convenient way to commute.
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  • What's happening near you? Find out about local cycling news and events.
  • Phil D encouraged Gary M to ride a bike!
  • Get your workmates on a bike!
  • Show your support for cycling in Greater Manchester.
  • Set a goal, itís a great motivator.
  • Can you burn off 6 pints in a week? Set a personal goal.
  • Cycling is fun for all the family.

Commuters cycling

If you're looking for the 2014 Better By Bycycle Challenge - please visit: http://cycling.tfgm.com/

The website you're currently on is from past Workplace Cycle Challenges 2010-2012.

The 2012 competition was fierce as thousands took to their bikes, many for the first time in years! You can see the final results and winners here.

Thanks for contributing to these fantastic results - continue to record your trips and keep track of your progress!

Free Cycle Training TfGM

FREE Cycling training

Are you interested in getting 'back in the saddle', having not cycled for years? Do you want to be more confident when cycling on the road? Develop your cycling skills on our FREE courses.

Find out about cycle courses here.

Recent activity...

Matthew S cycled 8 miles
2 hours ago

Paul D cycled 6.7 miles
2 days ago

Susan A cycled 16 miles
2½ weeks ago

Matthew S completed a goal
3½ months ago

Wnjawgryd W registered
4 months ago

Mark O cycled 10.8 miles
4½ months ago

Yesim A registered
4½ months ago

Mark O uploaded a photo
5 months ago

Nzjwqajff N registered
5 months ago

Gjidxxenx G registered
5 months ago

Emfdkeuqj E registered
5 months ago

Mark O completed a goal
5½ months ago

Tony D cycled 10 miles
5½ months ago

Wengogb W registered
5½ months ago

Mike B cycled 38 miles
5½ months ago

Recent reasons...

“I cycle because...I love it” - Joshua D

“I cycle for The Willow Rose Fund (My Little Girl)” - Mark O

“I cycle because...it's fun” - Evan K

“I cycle so I can stuff my face” - Paul D

“I cycle because of Ironman training” - Simon H

“I cycle to save money, keep fit, fly through traffic, see the views” - John G

“I cycle because I can't afford to drive after being transferred to Manchester” - Steve W

“I cycle because...I am old and fat and it keeps me moving!” - Denise L

“I cycle because.im trying to get fitter” - Neil M

“I cycle because...my car's broken down - only joking” - Wayne O

“I cycle so I can point at the bellies of motorists and mouth 'fatty' at them.” - Claire D

“I cycle for a bit of exercise” - Neil A

“I cycle Because Its quick, free and makes me feel good,” - Debbie C

“I cycle because...I want to be as fit as Bradley Wiggins!” - Niall M

“I cycle When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark,” - Kevin M

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